To the left are four different fieldsizes of openfields with no flattening filter taken with the CRS 2D scanner.

​​*** Multidata users *** if you have a non-functioning Multidata scanner and have been looking for service,  we offer a NEW replacement CRS scanner at a discounted price as an alternative to repair to your older Multidata scanner.

2D Scanner​​

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​​​CRS manufactures portable, reliable and affordable  water phantoms for radiation beam scanning.  1D, 2D and 3D scanners,  1/2 size TG-51 calibration tanks,  Tomo Therapy scanners,  proton scanners,  lift tables and accessories.  Our hardware and software are designed with simplicity in mind,  there is no need for extensive training.  Setups are quick and easy so data can be collected in a timely manor.  Simple works,  we don't overload our systems with bells and whistles,  they only make noise. 

Bundle a lift table for 3D scanning and save even more,  request a quote

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Computerized Radiation Scanners, inc

Lift Table

​NEW HD Proton Scanner added to the HARDWARE Page