How to import and look at other file formats
1-Copy your files to the folder in CRSDATA, Mephysto files in the Myphysto folder, W2CAD files in W2CAD folder and Omnipro in the Omnipro folder.
2-Open the CRS program, select the site energy you want to use.
3-Click on Input and convert other file formats, click on the type of file you want to import.
4-You should now see a list of files, click on one file to open, right click to get out of this screen, from the menu select analyze, right click, click on TG-11 Data, select a .TXT file from the list, select an .OPP or .OPD file from the list, right click, you should now be back in the menu, click analyze, right click, select from a list of files to open, right click and you should see the file curves.

How To Generate Isodoses
1- Open the site energy record, go to Analyze.
2- Set the Scan Density, .25 for more detailed isodose curves, 1 for less detail.
3- Set the Isodose Separation, 5% is a good starting point.
4- Select the PROFILE DATA FILES you want to create the isodoses for, use 5 or more files from the same field size for better isodose lines, Right click.
5- After the files are displayed on the screen select Generate Isodoses, Right click.
6- After the files are displayed again on screen, wait for screen to return to the menu.
7- Select Input and Convert other File Formats, select Display and Plot, TRN isodoses.
8- Select TRN file to open, Right click, wait for isodoses to be displayed.
9- Select Hardcopy Plot on the bottom right hand side of the screen to plot your isodose curves.


CRS Helpful Tips 

How to Transfer to other file formats
1- create and open a new site energy (06test)
2- copy and paste the W2CAD ASC file to CRSDATA, W2CAD\06test
3- in the CRS menu select Input and Convert other file formats
4- click on W2CAD, click the W2CAD ASC file (0600OPP.ASC), after the program reads the file it returns to the previous menu, right click to continue
5- in the CRS menu select Analyze Scanned Data
6- click File type, select “write to Xio Scans” or any other file type you want to convert to
7- right click
8- click on TG-11 Data
9- left click to select and highlight the files you want to transfer to (in this case Xio) or any selected treatment plan type. If you have several files, click on the green “click here” for more files on the other page, continue to select and highlight the files.
10- right click to continue
11- left click on the files to select and highlight that you want to transfer to the selected treatment plan (Xio)
12- right click
13- after scans are displayed, select and highlight “Transfer to Treatment Plan” with left click
14- right click to transfer the files
15- once the screen returns to the main menu you can select analyze again and transfer other types of scans, eg .HRR, half scans
16- once the scans have been transferred , the new transferred files will be located in the CRSDATA folder under Xio_scans, open the folder, click on the folder created (06test) to see your transferred files.

Windows 7 IP address setup for CRS
From the desktop click on start, control panel, Network and Sharing Center, top left column click on Change adapter settings, double click Local Area connection, double click Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4), select Use the following IP address: Subnet Mask:
Click ok, go to the CRS software, you can confirm a good connection in check equipment.

CRS Software Install Help
New CRS install: Create a folder under C: called CRS, copy all the CRS files to this folder you just created, Right click on the New Program ******-mmc Application, create a shortcut to your desktop, change the Icon to the CRS yellow duck and your software should be ready to go.
Existing CRS users: Follow the same procedure except copy all the files to your existing CRS folder.